Fabricated wing walk doubler by sliding the doubler plate under the 702 skin on the work bench, and using the skin as a drill guide start drilling.
Note: While lining up the doubler plate under the skin make sure it's 9/16" from the top of the skin, and then make the edge flush with each other and start drilling. When finished be sure and cut the doubler plate to 26". Don't worry about trimming it to 9" using the bogus part # called out in the plans. I forget the part # but there the 10" slabs of  2ea in your kit.

Wing walk
 Clecoed the doubler plate, 702, and 703 skins. Don't forget that the outboard 703 overlaps the inboard 702. In addition I re-strung the plum bobs inboard and outboard to make sure nothing moved straight as an arrow.


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