Final drilled the rear fuselage and stiffeners and all bulkheads except for the forward most. That will get drilled later.
Update: Previously I had  measured and drilled the WD 409 for the keeper rivets and trimmed the bottom tail cone skin. I accomplished this with the tail cone skin and the aft two bulkheads removed from the fuselage skins. DO NOT DRILL THE WD 409 keeper rivet holes:  Do this after the stiffeners are drilled and your ready to final drill all bulkheads in addition you will end up fine tuning the tail skin tail wheel cut out as well . Reason is: When the aft  two bulkheads are clecoed everything moves oh so slightly and just enough were the WD 409 will be off about a #40 drill hole. Anyway mine was off and I just drilled two new holes through the WD409. No factor. See how sweet the WD409 meets up with the aft bulkhead, no spacers in there.  
As you can see here, the tail cone skin and fuselage side skins meet up well. Seaming pliers work great for tweaking the tail skin as required along the top edges.

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