Fabricated rt. aileron attach spacers.
rt spacers

Primed rt. lower outboard wing skin.
rt lower skin

Attaching the rt. flap for drilling the hinge. The goal here is to line up the aileron and flap in perfect straight and level flying configuration and to accomplish this!  First I lined up the machine holes from the outboard wing rib to the trailing edge of the aileron with some type of straight edge, and  as you can see I clecoed the lower skin of the flap brace and duck taped the two together all the way down so the clecoes can be removed and the skin will stay put for drilling.  Once the clecoes are removed  line up your flap between the flap and aileron. Once that's in place I clamped each end of the flap hinge and start drilling.
rt wing  match drill rt. flap hinge  rt  rt    

Attached the lt. flap for drilling the hinge. Accomplished this the same way, however I was having problems with the skin sliding away from the flap brace when the clecoes were removed and the tape was holding things together. Here is the cure for the sliding skin syndrome! I call it poor mans cleco, and what I did was final drill a few skin to flap brace holes and insert a # 40 drill bit into the holes but not far far as top push the hinge away. Look close and notice the #40 drill bits. Let me tell you it works great and only wish I had done this on the rt.flap assy.
lt me lt einar

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