Accomplished final drilling of the W-423 joint plate, and leading edge rib.
The plans are not very specific regarding this so here is what works. Do one thing at a time, measure and draw the 1/2" line down the joint plate like the plans say to. Align that line with the holes in the leading edge, drill the joint plate moving from the underside through the top, and cleco as you go. Then remove it from the leading edge. Do the same for the rib . Draw a line down the center of the rib web  insert  the rib into the leading edge and mark the holes using the skin as a template. Remove the rib and flute it. Reinstall the rib and line up the center line with the holes in the skin.  Drill the holes the same way as the joint plate.   Remove the rib and final drill everything once again. It should look something like this. Final drill all other leading edge ribs.

tank baffle

Using the die grinder and ending with the unibit enlarged the tie town hole to 3/8".

tie down

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