Been moving right along with the firewall today and I was able to fabricate all brackets, spacers and final drill everything. Also alodined and primed. Waiting for the primer to dry (epibond epoxy primer) which is off white, great color for the interior, I pressed on with drilling the center section spacer rivet holes. So what I did was inserted all 4 NAS bolts in place using some chain wax and clamped the spacers. Drilling approx. 1/32" I removed them to finish using the drill press, this is not required but I have one at work I can utilize so why not. In addition drilled the 5/8" bushing holes for the rudder cable grommets, and finished the day final drilling for the control stick linkage attach brackets, and marked them for the optional trimming for weight reduction.

firewall angles Primed angles firewall control bracket control spacers centersection alodine

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