This weekend I was able to accomplish allot, as you can see I installed the 5/8" grommets for the manual trim and electrical runs. The plans are not real clear on a certain set of grommets that require "notching"  and what there really trying to say is uni-bit  the center section to 5/8" but with the doubles removed at this time so as to not uni-bit the doublers, so the notched area of the grommet will set into the non uni-bited area of the doubler. However, if you happened to enlarge the doubler holes I'm sure it's no big deal.
In addition, final drilled the center section spacers and countersunk.
center section spacers

Installed the nutplates on the forward and aft sections.

Removed the hatched areas on the control stick assembly brackets and primed. The plans say to temp install with the whole shebang, probably next weekend.
center section control

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