Alodine, primed, and final riveted the forward bulkhead assy, drilled  the flap blocks to  #10 using the drill press, and temp installed them onto the forward bulkhead assy. I'm going to wait on final assy of the seat belt anchors because there will be better clearance for a few rib rivets.
flap blocks  1

Accomplished the elevator bracket assy, primed and final rivet the bearing and spacer.
elevator bracket assy

Fluted and prepping the aft bulkhead assy for alodine and prime.
rearbulkheads 1

Fitting the RPIMA F779 rear bulkhead assy. This is a bear, as you can see from the bottom picture the this part came pre bent slightly off center, look close at the center rivet hole and you can see what I'm talking about. Anyway I'm trying to make it work, and as you can see: Two things the top of my head and my method of tweaking this sucker, especially just below the rivet holes along the top so the pieces won't stick out when the skins are clecoed on, I will submit some better pics of what I'm talking about later.
f779 f779 tweak 1

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