Started working on the flaps, clecoed the flap components, bent the inboard rib trailing edges to fit the rear spar. Note: These ribs come from Vans with the rib trailing edge/rear spar flange bent incorrectly. To fix this just rebend the rib so it kisses the rear spar. I will update pics soon regarding this.
 Anyway, fabricated the spar bracket, and this is how I did it:
1. Cut to desired length I think the plans say 2" 20/32"
2. Align on spar and drill the holes per the plans.
3. Cleco and leave excess (trim later)

To fabricate the other bracket, actually just bend and final drill to inboard rib and previous bracket assembly. Don't stress on this after a few minutes of head scratching I figured the best way to bend this. (See pic)
1. Measure the 25/32" and draw a line.
2. Sandwich some scrap sheet metal and clamp the bracket in the vise, and leave a little extra sticking up (guestimate, not much) for a bend radius and camp your flange straightening pliers on and bend away. The plans call for 6.3 degrees, and Dans right whatever. just tweak it until it fits.

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